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Film and TV productions, 100% serviceInterface Spain™, over 15 years offering film and TV services in Spain.

Interface Spain™

Since 1999 Interface Spain™ have offered their services for film and TV production. This has made them a default reference point for national and international producers and directors that want a guaranteed high quality outcome for their film or TV projects


Film & tv production

From script to screen


Total Immersion in your Project

Here are some of the headline aspects Interface Spain™ will help you with:

  • Script Analysis and Development
    • Financing and Business Plans
    • Production Design
    • Crew and Supplier contracting 
  • Handling of Legal Aspects 
  • Distribution and exhibition
  • Communication
  • Admin. follow-through and follow-up
  • Communication and distribution
  • Legal and administrative issues
  • Liaison with public entities including tax authorities, social security, film commissions and government offices...

Line production

Planning, accounts, finance, budgeting, workload optimisation, public bodies,MASTERS, COMMUNICATION, EXHIBITING, ADMIN.

Here are some of the headline aspects Interface Spain™ will help you with:

  • State of the art software: Final Draft Ⓡ, Movie Magic Ⓡ Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Budget adaptation for ICAA standards following Spanish and British charts
  • Development Dossiers, Bibles and Teasers 
  • Setting-up of film crew's and equipment hire
  • External Suppliers
  • Admin. follow-through and follow-up

Film and TV production, script development until screening

The Interface Spain™ team has the training and experience  to cater for any small or big production needs.




In Front and Behind the Cameras

Interface Spain™ provides hires and organizes transparently and without surprises. How?


Old, modern, natural, artificial, picturesque, decadent... Is your location by the sea or in the mountains, in the middle of the city, in a town or village, in a castle or in the jungle, perhaps even in the future?

Interface Spain™ has a vast array of location oportunities, together with set construction facilities

  • Fam trips get familiarised with the area to evaluate its filming potential
  • Scouting, Pinning down various options for each location and it's surroundings, establishing ease of access, parking, greenroom's
  • Recce tours visiting the pre-established options and taking decisions for the shoot and logistics...
  • Processing of all necessary shooting permits for both public and private locations
  • Management of aerial, underwater and action or unsual shooting permits
  • Coordination with the traffic authorities, changes made to public instalations, police, guardia civil, fire brigade and civil aviation
  • Management of the permits around the shoots perimeters such as: dressing rooms, parking arrangements, green rooms, emergency exits, portaloos etc.

Whatever you need in the frame

Interface Spain™ fully manages an endless amount of locations from their extensive list of public and private scenarios. This is done in close coordination with local Film Commission and Film Offices. No detail is missed, everything is taken into account: access, supplies, distance from base and all the variables which could affect the final Budget

Interface Spain™ has a long lasting relationship with AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegacion Aerea), the Spanish airport management company which manages 46 airports and 2 heliports), Civil Aviation, Guardia Civil, and Local Polices, makes Interface Spain™ your key contact for managing all aspects of permits related to extraordinary shoots which may envolve dangerous, hazardous or complicated set-ups

Interface Spain™ can supply everything which appears in frame; from art design to the smallest props.

  • Complete conceptual and scenography design
  • Set construction, all types of archicecture, dimentions, materials, techniques and finishes.
  • Characters: Make-up, prosthetics, wardrobe, hair and coaching.
  • Set dressing, props, live animal, special/vintage vehicles, extras and stunts.

Over the years, Interface Spain™ has built a team of highly profesional technicians covering a broad spectrum of skills. Many of our crew have years of experience giving them the ability to effortlessly take on your production needs.

We select our crew base on the suitability of each technition for a specific project, taking into account the technitians past experience, teamwork capability and their proximity to the shooting location.

Total management of the fiilm and TV technical crew:
  • Budget; assesing salary implications including requirements for local emplyment (social security, state retentions etc. )'
  • Prepapration of production crew contracts:
    • Recruitment of all necessary production crew and staff.
    • Registration with the relevant regulatory bodies
    • Sign-ons and sign-offs and modification forms for the social security.
  • Management of exceptional working permits including forigners and minors to work temporrarely in Spain.
  • Calculation of the actual government retention percentage according to each individual workers family situation.
  • Payroll sign-on and sign-off management.
  • Bulletins for quotes applicable to standard and/or artistic norms.
  • Performance proof for talent.
  • Application for guild agreements.
  • Payroll settlement with workers, Spanish social security, and public tax authorities within required legal limits and form.
  • Presentation of statements for non Spanish residents to the relevant authorities.
Interface spain can take care of all of your crew needs for your production
Interface Spain™ is oficially authorized by digital certificates to access the social security, INEM with certifications Contrat@ and DELTA of the ministry of employment and is an oficial collaborator the Spanish tax authorities.

Interface Spain™ can take care of all of the supply needs for the production department. Photography, sound lighting and collation of all the necessary equipment. This includes the production offices, office supplies, wifi setup, cameras, lenses, mics, data storage, dollies, cranes and more ….
Besides conventional equipment, Interface Spain™ can also supply helicopters with or without wescam. hot air baloons, private planes, drones and underwater footage . Do you have an specific requirement? Just let Interface Spain™ know.

Taking care of your equipment supply needs for your producion

At Interface Spain™ not only manages your logisticss, they optimise them.
Accomodation, crew transport, set moves, airport pick-up’s and drop-off’s, greenroom arrangements, security …
. Interface Spain™ has the option of deals with hotel chains and vehicle hire including cars, people carrieriers, van and trucks . Also available are specialised vehicles (vanity van’s, wardrobe and laundry, make-up and hair, portaloo’s etc.)
Animal wranglers, armourers, stuntmen are also available.
Best value for money … guaranteed !

Interface Spain ™ offer negotiated prices with hotel chains, vehicle rental, catering companies,and other auxilary suppliers relevant to any production

At Interface Spain™ the importance of being able to deal with unforseen situations is recognised as a priority. Unexpected issues can affect budgets and the quality of your Project. A good insurance policy is essential.
Interface Spain™ can arrange policies to cover the most common risks. Through the principal national film and TV production insurance companies cover includes:

  • Third party liability
  • Cancellation and/delay in the filming process.
  • Damage and/or accidents
  • Incompetence or non compliance
  • Extreme weather, floods, fires, health issues to the director or talent, theft, broken or lost equipment, working accidents, economic losses, delays, strikes and/or transport delays.
Protect your production with the relevant insurabce cover

Interface Spain™ a transparent service.

All of the legal, administrative and accounting documents generated during the production phases of a project, provided by Interface Spain™ , are immediately shared and administered jointly with the client in a private environment, secure with no surprises, and no hidden fees.

Joint administration with our client in a and private environment, secure and immediate, fluid and transparent
Interface spain provides a straight forward system to give you full visibility of the service provided

Interface Spain™ make it simple

Interface Spain’s™ “funnel system” makes invoicing simple for clients. Both in relationship with Spanish public administrations as well as in their own country.
What is the Funnel System?

Our “funnel system” makes invoicing simple for our client in their relationship with Spanish public administrations as well as in their own country

Making film or TV is the most expensive art form to produce, not only economically speaking but also with human resources, time etc.
Interface Spain™ is very aware of the importance of responsable budgeting to completely understand the cost implications, upfront..
The figures reflected in a production’s budget will be key to obtaining the relevat funding in time to gurantee that the production will be produced as planned.

Interface Spain™ seek and you shall find: searching for public and/private finance

  • Advice about the ideal sources for funding each project.
  • All relevant documentation of each project oriented towards potential investors:
    • Private:
      • Coproducers
      • Participation in earnings
      • Facilities deals
      • Product placement
      • Sponsors
      • Investors
      • Presales and distribution deals
      • Screen rights from one or several TV broadcasters
    • Public:
      • Adequate applications of the official norms set by ICAA, IVAC, Media desk or Iber Media to facilitate procedures for public funds.
      • Public television
      • Content festivals
      • Tax incentives
  • Designing other sources of income:
    • Transmedia
    • Merchandising
    • On-line income channels
    • Budgeting and Cashflow control


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Our Clients

Some Recent Projects

Through all these years we have managed hundreds of successful services for clients like

Who we are


Interface Spain™ IS Built on a Professional Standard

Interface Spain™ started with the management of small locations and organising logistics on the Alicante coastline for ad agencies and production companies from Scandinavia, UK, Germany and India. Now it has developed into the best support mechanism for producers, professionaly helping them with their feature films, short films, series, TV movies, or any other photographic format.

From the very beginning at the head office in Altea, Interface Spain™ can now offer its services in any of their branches, Alicante, Balearic islands, Aragón and Madrid

What We Do

Interface Spain's™ Mission Statement

We strive to maintain our place as a main resource in the film and TV industry giving producers and productions the ability to acheive the best results for their projects

We understand the need for a speedy, efficient, and profesional response


Over 15 Years Experience, Knowledge, Experience


Responsability, Commitment, Integrity, Transparency, Speed


Formal, Fair, Constant, Persevering, Transparent, Analitical, Uneasy



More than 15 years serving the film and TV industry


Who We Are

Based on the principles of Constant, Responsability and Transparency, Interface Spain™ have built a solid and extensive network of professionals who share its philosophy and way of working. Over the years, its good performance and its lightweight structure,  Interface Spain™ is well greased to successfully meet any audiovisual production

Mike Johnson

Claus N. Olsen, founding partner and manager of Interface Spain™
Interface Spain™ film and TV services since 1999

Claus N. Olsen

María Lledó Ynzenga

Maria Lledo Ynzenga, college educated both in administration and business management (ADE) and audiovisual production, led since 1995 advising SMEs and freelancers and managing economic and financial resources of the productions by Interface Spain from its foundation.

María Lledó Ynzenga

Other members of the Interface Spain™ Team

Interface Spain™ relies on the apropiate crew to efficiently deliver each and need for any type of film, television or still photography Project

The sum of the skills of all its members, employees, suppliers and other collaborators results in a team



Highly motivated

Individually, team members stand out as having one or more of the following qualities:

audiovisual experience in any of its phases from the script to screen

specialized academic training in audiovisual production

High professional vocation and motivation to the challenges

Members of the main organisms and institutions of the industry: Fapae, APPA, Tace, Alma, Cima, ICAA, Film Commissions and Offices

The span of the Interface Spain's™ team anables them to deploy the most suitable staff for each production, Spanish or international


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