Offering film and TV production services since 1999in the Valencian Community and Balearic Islands for clients from the five continents within a unique architecture land geographical environment, averaging 300 sunny days a year.

Location search and management

The Valencian Community is very rich in a vast array of geographical and architectural options. We’re able to recreate almost any scene, be it outdoors or indoors with our experience over more tan two decades in the location management business.


Do you need a local fixer to assist your crew during your stay? Local knowledge, providers, permits... and NO words lost in translation.

Line Producer

As is known a successful production must count with a good script, a good director, adequate talent and a line producer with a long experience in management the payments on time to assure a smoother running production. All managed according to accounting standards, tax issues and with the transparency required in any production.

Cost control

One of the challenges of any production, big or small is the day to day cost control. A job often ignored which may be the difference between a successful project or a major disaster of over costs.


Every type of shoot may require of one or more permits to allow for a smooth production. Interface Spain ™ has on-going experience with all permits required by the Police, Guardia Civil, Airport authorities... Contact us, let us manage your permits and leave no precious daylight hours to fate. We also manage public and private release forms to cover the rights for broadcast.

Financial Management

Producing any project abroad can challenging in so many ways, One is that of claiming VAT returns. Interface Spain ™ offers your production the option of claiming one final invoice containing all of the expenses and VAT generated in Spain.


More than 20 years serving the film and TV industry